The Apostolic Leadership Institute Website is currently under construction.

The Apostolic Leadership Institute is already preparing for its 2017 meeting. Here are the details so far: Dates: July 16-21, 2017. Location: Assumption College, Worcester, MA. Tuition (which includes room from Sunday night through Friday night and three meals daily Monday through Friday, as well as all class materials!): $850.00 total; BUT! If you apply and pay the tuition by APRIL 30, 2017 we will give you a discount of $150, making your cost only $700.00! If you pay the tuition on MAY 1 through May 31, the tuition discount is reduced, your cost increases to $750.00. On June 1 no discount is available and all tuition payments become non-refundable. $200 of the tuition cost is never refundable, regardless of when it is paid. On June 1st the total tuition paid is non-refundable because ALI becomes obligated to spend it to make your attendance possible.There will be some curriculum changes for 2017, as there were for 2016! We are excited about them! Our extreme gratitude to the alumni and faculty who have contributed so generously to make ALI 2017 possible! Until the new ALI website is completed, applications can be obtained by sending an email to either <readout@mac.com> or <clcrev@me.com>. Other details available the same way.
Do not procrastinate. You do not want to miss ALI 2017!

After the website is fully online application and payments will be available online.

(ALI) is a week-long, intense, multi-course program designed to teach and help develop leadership qualities in those of the Apostolic Faith by leading them into Excellence in three major areas:

* Excellence in Doctrine *
* Excellence in Lifestyle *
* Excellence in Ministry*

The student builds on their current foundation to grow in knowledge and wisdom and to be better prepared to be a blessing in their local church and help to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.